Microsoft word 2011 for mac crashes

You will see an Apple logo on your display. Step 2: Now, release the Shift key when the login window appears.

[Solved] How to Fix “Microsoft Excel Quit Unexpectedly Mac” Error for Excel 2016 and 2011?

Step 3: In the safe mode, if all OK and you are using the Microsoft office without any error then it means that the background programs are conflicting with the Office for Mac. In order to detect that which one is conflicting with the MS office on Mac you should remove the installed apps one by one and check for the error. In order to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Excel on Mac, follow the below-given steps:.

In order to install the Office again, you should follow: How to download and install or uninstall Office for Mac. Follow the below-given steps:. Step 3: Here you have to click on the primary hard disk drive for your computer. Step 2: Now, release the Shift key when the login window appear. In order to detect that which one is conflicting with the MS office on Mac, you should remove the installed apps one by one and check for the error. Follow the below given steps to Setup Microsoft AutoUpdate.

If you are unable to apply the above given steps due to lack of knowledge OR any other reasons then you can go with a professional Microsoft Excel Error Repair Tool. This troubleshooting tool will help you to deal with the several excel errors.

Get Tips, Tricks and Fixes of MS Excel Issues

Simply download , Install and Run this tool on your Mac and fix Microsoft Excel error within a few minutes. Both manual and automatic solutions are given. Jack Adision. However, when I double click on it, excel does launches but it does not open the file. It give the message:. I tried right click — open with other applications but they either say the file is corrupted, empty or cannot find file….

Have you tried opening these files from within the App? Good luck Eric — John. Back then Macs crashed often and hard, but we put up with it cause, even with the frequent crashes and data loss, we were still 10x more productive than everyone else. I often have spreadsheets cumulatively left open over time.

Well of course this time, just as I just finished something I did not want to repeat, the recovery process started and Excel crashed. So I wanted to reach out to you personally and thank you for your post. Change the extension from xlsx to xls. Then the file opens no problem. Michael, you are awesome, your tip worked!!!! I spent hours trying to figure out how to open the shaded files in the auto recovery directory.

After working on an excel document all day my computer froze so I walked away planning to return in half an hour. When I did I discovered that it had crashed and upon reopening the excel spreadsheet it was the original document I had worked on that morning. Any ideas? You can drill down to the Autorecover Library, by going through the raw backup file on the Time Machine drive or b giving Microsoft a call and see if they will throw you a life line.

If anyone else has any ideas, please leave a comment. Good luck Matt. This was the first site that came up when I searched for help. It really helped me.

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Thank you. I have read through this all but no luck. The weird thing is that now I cannot either file — the original one or the updated one. When I go to library and get to auto recovery for excel — there are no files there. I also checked my dropbox to which I back up and file is just gone. Only to call Microsoft directly and see what their input is. If you saved it, they should be able to find it.

I found the library by going to Finder. Thank you so much for posting Nesh! I struggled for hours and your tip was what finally helped me to save a VERY important document. I could NOT find library to save my life until I found your directions. Thank you Nesh, I so appreciate the tip for finding the library. Holding the option key with the Go drop down menu worked beautifully and I easily found my file. You are a life saver! Oh My God, I cannot thank you enough for the simplest of commands which have found my file. You are a life saver.

I worked on a file for 3 hours this morning and later in the day I could not find it. Thought I lost 3 hours of work. Thank you sooooo much. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty.

How to Fix the Service Error : Generic on Word Mac 2011

The trick is… knowing how it works. First thing, turn it on: Open Microsoft Word. Check the box to turn the AutoRecover feature on. I suggest you change the AutoRecover timing to between 3 — 5 minutes, depending on your writing habits. You have the option to keep the last saved version or the AutoRecovered version of the file. Immediately , use Save As… to save the. Open the files until you find the one you need. Open Microsoft Word. Close Preferences. John Carroll on August 17, at pm.

Yuriy Buha on August 19, at am. Thank you for the information Reply. Hanna on November 6, at pm. John Carroll on November 7, at am.

Mark Atkins on February 6, at pm. I have updated the programme from ms but still issues with autosave Any clues? Looking forward to hearing from you Best regards, Mark Atkins Reply. John Carroll on February 6, at pm. Thanks for reading — John Reply. Christo Fabricius on February 21, at pm. Erin on February 29, at pm.

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John Carroll on March 1, at am. Do a Spotlight search and see if you can find where it is on the Mac — John Reply. Alan Barry on March 23, at am. John Carroll on March 23, at am. Alan Barry on March 26, at pm. Thanks again John Alan Reply. John Carroll on March 27, at pm.

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Angelina on March 27, at am. Chelsea on February 16, at pm. Thanks, Chelsea Reply. John Carroll on February 20, at pm. Zeph Grunschlag on May 2, at pm. These instructions did not work for me with El Capitan. I simply lost 3 hours of work. John Carroll on May 8, at am. Bo Reeze on May 25, at pm.

Carrie on September 4, at pm. This worked for me!! Thank you so much! Jolla on September 6, at pm. Thank you sir, you just saved me a lot of money. John Carroll on September 7, at am.

What Should You Do If Excel, Outlook or Word Frozen on Mac?

JM on September 6, at pm. This worked for me finding Xcel files. Ariane Burgess on September 13, at pm. What a relief to get the document I put considerable time into, back! John Carroll on September 15, at am. Glad it helped. Sol on October 2, at am. Kerri on March 11, at am. Grant on June 15, at am. John Carroll on June 15, at pm.

High Sierra leaves Microsoft Office for Mac behind, edition needs updating

Good luck — John Reply. Belinda on February 6, at pm. John Carroll on February 8, at am. Thanks for your comment Belinda. Marshal on July 29, at pm. John Carroll on July 30, at am. John, This reply even though it was older single handedly saved me! John Carroll on March 31, at am.

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Have a good weekend. Valerie Van Horn Murphy on July 2, at am. John Carroll on July 5, at pm. Marc on July 18, at pm. Beverly Wenger-Trayner on December 1, at am. John Carroll on December 1, at am. Vivi on December 1, at pm. Marion on January 4, at am. ToniF on September 21, at pm. John Carroll on September 22, at pm. Eric Morales on November 16, at am. Hi There, My excel AutoSave file is a hidden file and it does not open. John Carroll on November 17, at am.

Good luck Eric — John Reply. Patrick Maroney on April 2, at pm. Thanks Mate! John Carroll on April 12, at am. Thanks Patrick. Michael Perez on March 19, at pm. John Carroll on March 20, at am. Great tip.

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