Mac makeup animal testing cats

Is this disturbing picture real or fake?

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You decide. In our latest undercover research we found out from people on facebook who use twitter that Angelina might be involved in the torture of LOLcats A variation of the following "facts" was shar This picture of cats being used for animal testing is trending on Facebook. Is it real or fake? Image via photobucket.

Does MAC test on animals? ( Policy) – Cruelty-Free Kitty

The European Union announced a complete ban on sale of all animal tested cosmetics. While animal activists rejoice, the cosmetic industry is worried at their disadvantage in the global market. SAYS is Malaysia's social news company. Get highlights of hottest news and must-share stories every day. Get our latest updates Follow saysdotcom Instagram YouTube.

Mac animal testing cats

But Mac could consider NOT to sell in countries where animal testing is legally required? The photo may be fake but Mac makes a weak defense here.

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Almost every Western make-up brand sells its products in China, where they are clearly subject to the same laws and therefore also test their products on animals. Ergo, if you want to vilify and boycott Mac then you need to do your research and vilify and boycott every single makeup brand which sells its products in China.

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Look closer you can see shaved genitalia and stomachs. These third parties —. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer A photo that is spreading on the Internet purports to show employees of MAC Cosmetics testing their products on cats. Continued below Comments people need to read the facts first before acting like a fool. Footer Privacy ThatsNonsense. The Daily Debunker brings you the top stories on Snopes. In February , an image purportedly showing a group of cats undergoing cosmetic testing started circulating on Twitter.

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The same In the latest development, global giant Unilever, which owns many of the best-known cosmetics and household brands — such as Dove, Rexona, Sunsilk and Vaseline — has announced its support for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics! With big names like this speaking out, an end to animal testing for cosmetics may be in sight Animal Planet 5,, views.

It was also reported that the hoarders from which the cats had been rescued had been charged with 47 counts of animal cruelty. No Contest Plea.

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Cosmetic testing on animals is a type of animal testing used to test the safety and hypoallergenic properties of products for use by humans. Due to the harm done to the animal subjects, this testing is opposed by animal rights activists and others. For a long time, one of the most well-known cruelty-free brands has been MAC Cosmetics. It was also a common rumor in the vegan community that all of their products are also vegan.

Sadly, things have changed and MAC Cosmetics is …. MAC does not own animal testing facilities. MAC does use some alternative methods for animal testing. However, brands do not need to own animal testing facilities in order to test on animals.

Its main source is PETA, …. Carmen K. Most of my products, if not all of them, are from cruelty-free companies.. C has a longstanding policy to not test on animals, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. Moreover, in all cases where animal testing is used, FDA advocates that research and testing derive the maximum amount of useful scientific information from the minimum number of animals and Help end cosmetics testing on animals in the U. Dangerous animal testing.

Vioxx, a drug used to treat arthritis, was found to be safe when tested in monkeys and five other animal species but has been estimated to have caused around , heart attacks and strokes and , deaths worldwide. Through our Animal Tracker survey, Faunalytics has monitored attitudes about animals used for research since Now imagine if you were an innocent animal trotting along and strangers you didn't know grabbed you, and took you to your torture and death. admin