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Not bad for a model that will celebrate its 8th birthday in October. With its 2. This powerful bit beastie is nearly 11 years old, has 3 GB of memory, and mostly sits around until I have a reason to use Mac OS X This is a powerful computer with a Geekbench 2 score of in Leopard, in Tiger. The 2. In the field, a bigger screen than my incher would be welcome, as would 8 GB of memory. Some extra speed and memory would be nice, but they say the good is the enemy of the better , and having perfectly adequate Macs today, I am in no hurry to spend money on something faster.

Apple realizes that geeks are an exceedingly small minority among Mac users, who are probably even less likely to upgrade hardware than PC users. Because of that, Apple has made most of its computers a lot less expandable than older models. Yet power users are buying it. Sure, we geeks moan the loss of internal drive bays and easy access to memory upgrades, but we can always pick up a Mac Pro or earlier to meet our needs. For entry level Macs, in most cases the memory is soldered into place, and some newer models even solder the SSD in place. You want an upgrade?

OS X Then Apple started offering Macs with 4 GB of memory soldered in place. They will run at least through OS X Not awesomely, but comfortably enough for most users. The problem is, SSDs eat themselves. Each memory cell can be written to a limited number of times, and then it becomes unusable.


This is over-provisioning, and it means the 32 GB is set aside to replace memory cells that fail. Given enough write cycles — and that is a huge number — at some point every SSD could become unusable.

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Important Note: OS X Mac OS X The new OS X is loaded with new features, apps, and technologies that give you the power to do more. And make your Mac even more energy-efficient.

How to Clean Install OS 10.8 Mountain Lion

I can honestly say Apple is my last pick in both categories. OS X Lion, free download. OS X Lion Apple has released OS X v Mac Os X Lion Installer.

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