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Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I spoke to the people at length about wanting an exact replacement and they were given the number from the board I had. They still sent the newer board and not the old one I requested.

With all the being said, they did send a wire diagram for the new board and it works like a champ. I just wish they would have told me that it was going to be the newer version and not the one I requested.

Marantec 2 Button Transmitter M3-2312

I still give it five stars because the board got to me fast and works great. I was also able to talk to a live person. Site Information. Please wait DO NOT use a 3 to 2 plug adapter. DO NOT modify or cut off the grounding pin on the plug. Contact a qualified electrician to run the necessary wiring to your opener and to perform the electrical connections.

To prevent electrocution, disconnect the opener from power and turn off power at circuit breaker for the circuit you will be using to connect to the opener. Replace the strain relief cover by snapping tabs back into place. Make sure that when reinstalling opener housing, no wires will be pinched between the housing and the chassis.

Open the control panel by slightly pulling on the cover cutout, then allowing the cover to drop open. The hinges enable the cover to remain in place while you set the adjustments. LEDs 1, 3, and 5 are used when setting the adjustments or for troubleshooting, should a problem ever occur with your opener. NOTE: When viewing control panel and setting the adjustments, stand below the opener and face the garage door. Then look up at the display. This way you will easily be able to see both the display and the door. However, it is easiest during initial installation to follow the order shown below.

Before beginning, install battery in your transmitter.

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This is useful to know if you want to change only one setting, without changing any of the other adjustments. This bypasses the unneeded adjustments, and takes you right to the adjustment you want. You are now ready to set or change the desired adjustment. You can now set the open travel limit. Then release this button. This stores the open position in memory. It also advances to the next setting. Door is fully closed when the door bottom edge presses firmly onto the ground.

This stores the closed position in memory. If the force needs to be increased or decreased after initial factory set-up, the force should be changed by one 1 increment at a time. The force should be set as low as possible, just enough to allow your door to travel up freely without stopping during its travel. The current force setting will be displayed by illuminating a certain number of LEDs around the circular display. The more LEDs that are illuminated, the higher the force limit.

For example, level 1 least amount of force is set when only LED 1 is illuminated. Level 2 is set when LED 1 and 2 are illuminated. Level 4 is set when LEDs 1, 2, 3, and 4 are illuminated. This stores the maximum force level for the up direction in memory. If the force needs to be increased or decreased after factory initial set-up, the force should be changed by one 1 increment at a time. The force should be set as low as possible, just enough to allow your unobstructed door to travel down freely without reversing.

This stores the maximum force level in memory. The opener can now learn the code of the hand-held transmitter. While LED 7 is blinking, press and hold the button on the transmitter. When you see LED 7 flashing rapidly, you can release the transmitter button.

The opener has now learned the particular code of this transmitter. This stores the code in memory. It also completes the adjustment setting Down Force Fig. The LEDs will automatically fade out in a circular pattern, which indicates that the program mode is complete. LED 8 should now be illuminated, and the opener is ready for operation. After setting the adjustments, run the opener two 2 complete cycles.

An adjustment label is also provided under the control panel cover, to quickly guide you through future adjustments at your convenience. Testing this function ensures the correct operation of your opener and door. Then, retest the unit as described above. The eyes must be properly aligned for the system to function and provide the protection it was designed for. When the eyes are aligned, the red light on the receiver eye will illuminate. Red indicator light on receiver should go out.

The door should not move in the down direction. The LED 6 on the opener will flash. If this does not happen, disconnect opener and call for service. These labels must be posted inside your garage where they can be easily seen by all.

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We recommend installing them in the location shown in Fig. To affix the labels, peel off the protective backing, and stick onto smooth, clean surface. We recommend you use an envelope with an eyelet to store the manual in the garage on a nail or hook on the wall near the wall control. Never let children operate or play with door controls. Keep the remote control away from children. Always keep the moving door in sight and away from people and objects until it is completely closed. Test door opener monthly. After adjusting either the force or the limit of travel, retest the door opener.

Failure to adjust the opener properly may cause severe injury or death. If possible, use the emergency release only when the door is closed. Use caution when using this release with the door open. Weak or broken springs may allow the door to fall rapidly, causing severe injury or death.

See Garage Door Owner's Manual. An improperly balanced door could cause severe injury or death. Have a qualified service person make repairs to cables, spring assemblies, and other hardware. Disconnect the electrical power to the garage door opener before making any repairs or removing the housing cover. Mounting Plate Fig. Transmitter Mounting Plate B. Visor Clip Fig. Below are instructions for transferring an active code.

Marantec 75424 Garage Door Opener Plug-In Radio Receiver Kit

Line up either end of stripped cable so 3 wires align with 3-hole terminal, then firmly insert cable. Midi and Mini transmitters have indicator lights that will blink to show that code transfer is ready. The indicator light will illuminate continuously to show that transfer is complete. Cable can be removed and the covers replaced. NOTE: For multi-button transmitters, be sure to carry out this procedure for all the buttons you desire to use.

Visor Clip L Fig. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1 this device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. When garage door begins to move, release button. Wall Control Panel C. Release button.

The door can still be activated by wall control panel or keyless entry system. Illuminated Door Pushbutton will flash continuously while lock mode is active. To stop lights from flashing, remove obstruction and operate door normally. There should be no need for further adjustment. However, if exposed or subjected to unusually harsh operating conditions, the tension may need to be readjusted during the life of the opener.

NOTE: Shortening rail too much may result in door travel length reduction and door not opening fully. This depends on door size and configuration. Carefully plan all such modifications before proceeding. See rail exploded view, Fig. Accessories are available from your dealer.

mac lift deluxe not staying closed

If you have difficulty locating available accessories, please contact us directly at the number listed on page 32 of this manual. Part : Plug a lamp into the electric outlet to see if lamp turns on. If not, check fuse box or circuit breaker some outlets are controlled by wall switch. If not, do so. Door may be frozen to ground. Remove any restrictions. Have it replaced by a professional garage door technician. Check wall control wiring on page 14 and If not, disconnect low voltage wires to wall control and momentarily touch them together.

If opener runs, replace wall control. If opener does not run, check wiring connections at opener, and check wire for shorts or breaks under staples. If not, replace battery. Repeat transmitter programming steps. Repeat code learning procedure for all remote devices. If so, door will only close while wall control door Pushbutton is pressed and held.

Refer to page Remove obstructions only after ensuring door area is free of persons, pets, and any other objects. Pull emergency release knob and open door manually. If it is unbalanced or broken, call for professional garage door service. Press Light Button to turn off. Close the door and use emergency release knob to disconnect trolley.

Open and close door manually. A properly balanced door will hold itself halfway open while being supported entirely by its springs. If it does not, disconnect the opener and call for professional garage door service. DO NOT increase the force to the opener to compensate for unbalanced or damaged door.

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Remove any manual door locks. Door can be opened and closed manually. When power is restored, reconnect trolley and resume automatic operation of door. This will display certain LEDs which will help diagnose the fault.

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Recheck adjustments if adjustment settings were not completed. Clear obstructions or have door serviced. Clear obstructions or have door serviced if needed. Occasional maintenance and readjustment of your system may also be needed. If door binds or sticks, or is out of balance call for garage door service. The convenient adjustment instruction label on the opener can be used for any periodic adjustments needed. Always check the reversal system after any adjustment of travel limits or forces. A door opener that is not checked could possibly be out of adjustment and be dangerous.

Not only will it prolong the life of the door and the opener, but more importantly, it assures your safety and that of others. We may elect to use new or reconditioned replacement parts or product of the same or similar design at that given time. No labor costs are covered. No person is authorized to assume for Marantec America Corporation any other liability in connection with the sale of this product. There are no other expressed warranties.

Installation of the Marantec garage door opener system with unauthorized factory parts or accessories could cause improper operation of the opener and would void the warranty. This would also render the system not to comply with U. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary, from State to State. For accessories warranty refer to warranty included in accessory box.

Need Help or Service? How to Order Parts For professional installation, service, or operating assistance, please contact your dealer or installer. They are available to answer your questions.

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