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Let me elaborate on my question-. I have chromecast audio connected to my speakers and my macbook and chromecast audio are on the same wifi network. Now I'm watching a video either on youtube or netflix from chrome browser on my macbook. Is this possible? I'm sorry for the confusion. In almost every other answer Cyndie is amazing and gives the right answer The first is what happens when you use a cast-enabled app or website like YouTube or NetFlix.

When you tell that site to cast using the cast icon, it talks directly to your Chromecast and the data flows from the the service to the Chromecast without ever going through your computer. So, in those cases you can't split the audio and video because it's not coming into your computer at all. Just like you cable signal doesn't come through your remote when you use your remote to tell the cable to play something on your TV. Your TV won't show the video while casting this way.

The second type is screen-mirroring the "cast audio from a tab" thing where you tell Chrome or the Google Home app on your phone or tablet to capture everything that is going on on your computer and mirror it to your Chromecast. If you had a Windows computer, you could do what you want because you would be able to mirror the audio to your Chromecast Audio. Unfortunately, you have a Mac computer and what you want to do is screen mirroring. Mac computers can't capture and re-transmit the audio so you can't use screen mirroring to do that trick. This is best for casting music or other audio that doesn't necessarily include video.

If you want to do this with local videos, it won't work because you won't be able to cast your desktop to Chromecast Audio from a Mac computer, as casting desktop from a Mac won't cast the audio. Yes No. Make sure to check Cached images and files and then click the Clear Data button. A lot of Flash content requires Javascript, so if you have an extension that is blocking Javascript from running, you will need to disable it.

You can also try disabling the popup blocker for the particular site you are having issues on. While on the screen of the blank YouTube video that is not working correctly, right-click the area where the video would normally show up to bring up the Flash Player context menu.

Select the Settings option from the menu. Unselect the option Enable hardware acceleration and click the Close button. If you are not seeing the right-click content menu, simply visit this Adobe help page and right-click on the Flash logo. Close out of the browser completely, relaunch and test the Flash content again to see if it plays. YouTube now supports HTML 5 fully and as long as you are running a fairly recent version of your browser, all the features should be fully supported too.

If something is not checked here, that means your browser is very old and needs to be updated. Read More. Read More , and they all involve your computer doing weird things. You may notice that your computer is a little slower to start up, and that certain settings have been reset the time, volume, keyboard preferences and so on.

Sometimes when you connect an external device like an HDMI TV the sound will continue to come out of your internal speakers. You can also choose to output AirPlay audio to nearby devices via this interface, which is particularly handy for sharing audio separately to video. Distorted, crackling audio and random periods of complete silence were not uncommon killing Core Audio usually resolved it. And How to Try it Yourself While the changes don't seem that big on the surface, there's a lot going on under the hood that could make this incremental upgrade one of the most significant to date.

The download may take some time, and once finished installation is straightforward. Read More without having to download it again.

Choose the Right Audio Device

USB microphones and interfaces will appear here, alongside microphones connected via your audio port. It seems most common after performing an operating system upgrade, in particular the leap from First try installing any updates available to you. Need help with audio on your mobile device? Here's what you need to know about hardware, apps that support it, and more. Your email address will not be published.

Thanks for this. I have a 13" MBP that decided it didn't want to see its internal sound devices anymore. The kill audio core on the terminal truck just made my day about a million times better and more productive. My sound is internal only and will not connect to speakers, and internal speakers does not appear in Input but does in Output, Line In is in Input, the aggregate doesn't appear at all. And the System Preferences icon is not there, instead the top banner only, and none of the items. I've tried to restore with Command and R but nothing changed and I've spent hours with Mac trying to find a resolution.

Any help would gratefully receivedpretty frustrated!!! Got rid of an annoying static-y sound that occurred anytime the Messages app was open by killing coreaudio in the Activity Monitor. Much appreciated! I have El Capitan on a Macbook Pro circa I routinely listen to online radio stations while at work. Today the stations will play for seconds and then cuts out completely.

If I click the play button to off and then on again, it will resume for the seconds and then cut out again.

[Fixed] No Sound on My MacBook Air/Pro

It does this on several different radio station websites. What do you suggest? Any idea how can I re-install it? I do not have the installation disc. After trying apparently everything there was on the web, I decided to check if the problem was actually hardware. So I opened the back of my macbook pro, gently pressed on the speaker and the problem was completely gone.

Apparently the speaker popped out with some loud frequency, so it might happen again if the sound is really strong. Just do this and chill C:. Unfortunately nothing seems to work. Just cannot get the Internal speakers to show in the Sound prefs.

My audio is coming but with distortion and dis clearity and noises humming when aloud plz help when i switched headphones the problem is gone i updated some software updates a few days ago then the fault came up Running a Mac Mini late and have just updated to macOS Since I use the machine a media server over Gb of music and the rest this makes the machine useless. I've tried all of the above.

Am I best waiting for Apple to notice and provide a patch?

Not good at the start of the holidays. You might want to bite the bullet and do a full macOS reinstallation, especially if you've tried all of the above.

Top 8 fixes to get sound back on your Macbook Air/Pro

I'm not really sure what else could help, it's certainly an odd problem to have. Failing that you could roll back to a previous version of macOS that wasn't causing the issue. In typical fashion it started working again, I didn't do anything except wait for a week or so. Frustrating but the right result in the end.

I am considering going back to El Cap anyway, as the extra features on Sierra aren't important to me and don't work very well.

Fix sound problems on YouTube on your Mac

Probably a sign my system is struggling with the upgrade. Are there any disadvantages to going back? My files are all in cloud storage and an external drive has all my media backed up. I'm told it's quite simple if you have time machine, which I do. I've started to experience sound problems using external speakers with my mac mini since updating to OSX Sierra. I have used the "sudo killall coreaudiod" and it didnt work first time but when i tried it again it worked for some reason. However, a few days later the issue recurred.

How to Fix Volume Mac Always MUTE No Sound (Speaker Mac Error)

I turned my mac on and it wasnt playying any audio through the speakers. I have used the "sudo killall coreaudiod" and it didn't work first time but when I tried it again it worked for some reason. However, a few days later the issue recurred - I turned my mac on and it wasn't playing any audio through the speakers. And that it isn't muted? Test your speakers with other devices too. Try headphones with your Mac mini and see if you get the same problem. Maybe try searching for the problem in relation to your specific hardware? A last ditch attempt to fix the issue would be to back up with Time Machine and reinstall macOS you can hold down R during startup to launch Recovery Mode and then delete your partition using Disk Utility, and reinstall macOS from there.

The Mac Pro have 2 3. Problem is no matter what microphone I use, unable to get sound into Mac Pro through different mic's. I tried to install Soundflower v1. Now that Sierra has Siri I need to input sound. Is there an alternative to Soundflower. Or what do you suggest. Also no success with your LineIn, This problem has been with different versions of macOS over 2 years.

Whatever I do, the static bombs hits my audio of the display speakers after a few minutes. Really need those speakers Any other idea or solution? Well if you've followed all of the advice in the article, I can't really think what else to do. Maybe update to macOS Sierra and see if that fixes it? You could even try a full reinstall of the OS?

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Beyond this, if your laptop is from early then it may still be under warranty depending on where you bought it. Australia and EU have two years standard warranty, but if you got AppleCare then it's covered for 3 years anyway. It might be worth taking it to Apple and getting them to have a look at it Now, with the simple command to kill and restart the core audio process, I have great sound on the work MacBook Pro, one again, Thanks!

I had a very strange issue where sound through my Headset. admin